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Aleap, a non-profit incubator, offers a community for health startups. Our mission is to facilitate innovation and value creation by developing an ecosystem for ambitious health entrepreneurs and companies to create new products better and faster. We do this by offering a broad range of critical know-how, expertise, infrastructure and international business networks.
We believe that entrepreneurship and successful startups will benefit from collaboration in a multidisciplinary environment with proactive sharing.

Aleap Services

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  • Faster and safer decisions in healthcare through unique Artificial Intelligence based data exploration

  • Better AS produces Health Apps. We focus on people with chronic disease such as asthma, allergies, eczema, cfs, fibromyalgia, IBS, IBD and other food regulated diseases.

  • Bio-Me develops next generation gut microbiome analysis for improved personalized heath regimes.

  • Boneprox provides the dental industry with a software that makes it possible to examine the risk of Osteoporosis.

  • Cardiaccs provides a sensor that will radically improve monitoring of patients undergoing cardiac surgery

  • Developing missing link biomarker for cardiovascular disease to guide patient selection for cardiac rhythm management

  • Depict provides online tools for patient-centric information about medicines

  • Secure digital communication platform between opticians and ophtalmologist for fast and reliable diagnosis of eye diseases and conditions

  • We let patients talk to doctors over video and chat.

  • GlucoSet develops sensors for better glucose control in critically ill patients, to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital costs.

  • Innovatera is a distributor and developer of innovative health technologies for the Norwegian market.

  • We develop and commercialise diabetic nutrition that limits blood glucose rise after a meal and reduce cholesterol without side effects

  • Lipidx is developing a pipeline of products based on dried blood lipidomics to address large unmet diagnostic and healthcare needs

  • MadeToGrow is a concept strengthening young people’s motivation for learning, efficacy beliefs, resilience, and ability to cope with challenges in school and life.


  • Our product BioMKR, is a non invasive continuous glucose monitoring device for hassle-free diabetes management

  • ShieldME develops an innovative solution for persons in need of health monitoring at home, in order to increase life quality and feeling of safeness for user and caregiver

  • Friskus AS develops user-friendly and innovative collaborative tools for municipalities and non-profit organizations to collaborate, connect and communicate with volunteers.

  • Somsagt kombinerer oppdaterte pedagogiske metoder med det siste innen simulerings-teknologi slik at helsepersonell kan trene pasientkommunikasjon rimelig, i et trygt miljø og når det passer dem.

  • Zyberia develops the next generation digital tool for interaction between the human being and its caregivers.

  • Medelle is developing a digital, easy to use home device to measure general inflammatory changes in the body

  • RemovAid is an ISO13485 certified company that develops and manufactures sterile class IIa medical devices for subdermal implant removals.


  • Progether brings together the collective experience of thousands of prostate cancer patients worldwide in order to improve personal decision making, provide prostate cancer knowledge and strengthen research.
  • We use new technology to reintroduce the doctor house call, offering a platform to connect patients with doctors in the same area.

  • Eupnea is developing a sensor for detecting, and continuously monitoring respiratory rate. It will be a non-invasive sensor compatible with electronic sheets and monitors.

  • CarvingFive provides fully automated retinal imaging, analytics and diagnostics.

  • We are developing Dignum, a bathroom multitool that assists people with reduced motor function to live an independent and fulfilling life.

  • Aristeia is developing a new tourniquet system for use in the military and civilian trauma care.

  • Developing a game to help kids cope with school refusal and separation anxiety disorder

  • Pavisus develops medical devices with the aim to increase patient safety also in resource-constrained settings.


  • ODI Medical is developing technology for bedside measurement and quantification of circulatory failure based on the assessment of microcirculation.


  • Resani is developing a game-changing Automatic Hand Sanitizer (AHS) solution for improved hand disinfection of healthcare workers including those who suffer from occupationally acquired eczema.

  • We make it safer for elderly people living alone and give their family peace of mind. We do this by gathering data from sensors, analyzing it and providing status updates on their health.


  • We have created the world’s first software to diagnose a deadly condition called ‘deep vein thrmbosis’ (DVT).


  • DigitVation is developing a sensor-based remote rehabilitation system, this will give rehabilitation patients the close follow-up they need, all from the safety of their own homes.


  • We are making a new adaptive sports equipment called Spike for people with disabilities. Spike is a sled on four wheels where you make forward progress using poles and change direction by weight transfer.


  • We offer a portable solution for bladder pressure measurements for diagnostic purposes and patient monitoring in a hospital setting and at home. Our solution implies a simplified procedure, more accurate measurements, saved costs and time consumption in the hospital, in addition to enhanced empowerment and increased quality of life for the patients.


  • Arctic Nutrition is a Norwegian biotechnology company focusing on development, manufacturing and marketing of premium ingredients from herring roe. Our mission is to provide people with unique nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.


  • We are developing a system for follow up on obese/overweight patients.
  • We offer a low threshold wearable for monitoring and recording of breathing. This will increase the 20% rate of people with sleep apnea (breathing stop) that get the diagnosis today. Sleep apnea lead to other serious disease like stroke and cardiovascular disease, and much of this can be prevented by detecting sleep apnea early.


  • Theracule is a Norwegian biotech company developing new therapies for patients with rare neurological diseases.


  • We help healthcare providers deliver better and faster care to more patients by equipping them with state-of-the-art AI-powered diagnostic tools, technology and processes.

Our Team

Erling Nordbø – Managing Partner

Function: Erling oversees that the community is adding value to the members. He focuses on pharmaceutical and biotech.
Background: 18 years in global pharmaceutical and biotech companies including Serono, Merck and Shire Human Genetic Therapies. He has also worked with a large range of Norwegian health startups.
Motivation: Aleap gives me the opportunity to actively build an ecosystem for ambitious health entrepreneurs.
Contact: +47 970 56 351, erling.nordbo@aleap.no, LinkedIn

André Hansen – Partner

Function: André focuses on medtech and healthtech products for our members. He will also support members in PR and communications with the media.
Background: BBA with over 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and top management for companies like Auto Suture Norway/United States Surgical Corporation (USSC), Tyco healthcare, B.Braun Medical, Merivaara Corp and Siemens healthcare.
Motivation: I have a passion for helping and finding innovative solutions and challenging the status-quo, especially in the health sector.
Contact: +47 911 28 399, andre.hansen@aleap.no, LinkedIn

Ove Solesvik – Consultant

Function: Ove focuses on diagnostics and biotech. He will also advice members on grant and research application processes.
Background: MSc in biophysics and has more than 30 years of experience with R&D based business development and management within Medtech and Biotech. Experience from both public and private sector, including government agencies, TTOs, start-ups and large international corporations.
Motivation: I am inspired and humbled by the opportunity to share my experience and contribute to Aleap’s mission to foster and accelerate new Norwegian health start-ups.
Contact: +47 951 45 314, ove.solesvik@aleap.no, LinkedIn

Andrea Nicol – Community Manager

Function: Andrea is the jack-of-all-trades and your first point of contact for anything in Aleap!
Background : BBA with a broad hospitality focused background in sales, project management and HR. Andrea has spent the past 10 years testing out various European cities, the last 2 in London, supporting international organizations in all things HR and Recruitment.
Motivation: I want to contribute to an environment that is conducive to the success of our members. I am passionate about Aleap’ mission and inspired by our community’s drive to make a difference.
Contact: +47 996 27 621, andrea.nicol@aleap.no, LinkedIn 

Owners & Partners


Aleap is a non-profit company with three equal share owners:


Aleap is also a NOME-partner

Nordic Mentor Network for Entrepreneurship (NOME) is an exclusive Nordic Mentoring program for promising life science startups with world-class mentors.
NOME matches Nordic startups with highly skilled volunteer professionals to help them reach their goals and technology milestones

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