Pre-seed Fund II

Pre-seed funding for ambitious health companies

What is the

pre-seed Fund?

Aleap offers up to 3 MNOK in pre-seed funding for health companies younger than 5 years.

We are looking for: Early stage companies addressing unmet medical needs, documented proof of concept and competetive positioning.



As follows is a brief guideline for your application which should be submitted in as a slide deck to Application deadline is August 20th.

Click the image below to play the video containing the application guidelines. The main points are also repeated in plain text at the bottom of this page. If you have questions regarding the application process,

please contact Erling Nordbø at

Describe your mode of action or technology:

•Present Proof of Concept studies (key data)

•Peer-reviewed publications, third party validation and jury selected presentations

•For digital or e-health companies – describe your tecnology

IPR position:

•What is patented and what is the estimated time frame?

•What kind of freedom to operate to you have? (This relates to the commercialization of the product and is different from the IPR. You can have a great IP but a weak freedom to operate).

•Considerations outside EU/US?

Key data:

•What/how many (preclinical) models have been used?

•Reproducibility of data?

•How many studies have been completed? What is the study design? Who designed the studies?

•Is the data published/peer reviewed?

Third party validation:

•What are the KOLs / industry experts in the field saying?

•What are they working on? What are their results?

•External validation?



Describe the dynamics of your indications /conditions:

•Understand the needs of the patients – are you targeting an unmet medical need?

•Healthcare professionals – what are they favoring as solutions?

•Have you explored the payor’s willingness to pay (reimbursement is often critical)

•Have you considered the patient journey?

•Are you changing the value chain? – cures vs. chronic

Competitive landscape:

•Outline key competitors with similar technologies both in development (preclinical, clinical, pipeline products) and in the market

•Outline key competitors targeting the same indication/conditions (different technologies) both in development (preclinical, clinical, pipeline products) and on the market

KOL relationship:

•Relationships with KOLs/PIs/Medical centers?

•How interested are they in your new therapeutic modality or technology? How is the relationship managed?


Describe your team:

•Outline a profile of key team members / founders

•Existing shareholders

•Scientific Board

•Outline experience and network

•Regulatory support

•Access to KOLs and clinical center?

Business/Corporate development:

•Mission statement

•Clinical, regulatory, commercialization (pricing and reimbursement) strategies


•Funding to-date (soft and equity) and valuation

•Where are you going to raise your next rounds of financing?