Our Team

This page will be updated with new activities in the calendar and new service providers. Also, other updates will typically be posted on this page.

Please come back and check out what is new on a regular basis.


All members are entitled to access support from Aleap’s partners; either free, pro-bono or at discounted rates;

  • Workshops – lead by both internal external providers
  • Aleap team follow-up – we assist as a coach and advisor
  • External competence – we have a pool of relevant providers
  • Network events – own and joint meet-ups and events
  • Collaborations – assist in facilitating first contact
  • Facilities – either provided by our owners, the science park or other collaborating parties

Needs and services are reviewed in the application process.

Membership terms:

The membership fee is NOK 2.470,- per calendar month.

Request PDF of terms and contract.

Service providers

  • Link Medical is an European full service contract research organization (CRO) providing project management and product development services.


  • IN can help you with assistance with applying for several grants including establishment grant. IN  can also help you with information about the other offering.


  • Institutt for Organisasjonsutvikling (IFO) ) can you help you with anything relating to expanding your team.


  • Dehns can advice you with all things intellectual property: patent applications, trademarks, copyright etc.


  • Steenstrup Stordrange can advice you with all things legal: term sheets, hiring contracts, legal disputes, taxes and all other things within their domain.


  • Athene Group can advice you with accounting, bookkeeping, as well as all the practicalities related to setting up your company in Norway.


Aleap offers a complete ecosystem for health startups, combining a broad range of now how expertise, important infrastructure and a wide international business network.

Take charge

Practical information for in-house members.

New to Oslo Science Park? Please read the below to gain access and learn about the services on offer.

Take a look at the Oslo Science Park Intranet. It will keep track of access cards and here you can book meeting rooms outside our incubator. This is also where you will find information about everything that happens at Oslo Science Park. Check it out: http://www.oslotech.no/leietaker

Your desk and access

Keys and access to the building and services in Oslo Science Park:  You can request access cards as soon your registration for Leietakernettet has come through. You will have access to the building 24/7 – 365 days a year. Please be aware you will be asked to use your card and 4 digit passcode after 17.

To get your access pass please do the following:

1. Complete the form Leietakernettet. We are in H1.
2. E-mail the completed form to resepsjon@forskningsparken.no
3. You will receive an e-mail when the registration is complete.
4. Access cards are made by the Oslo Science Park reception between 12.30-14.30 Monday to Friday.
5. Log in to your company account at http://www.oslotech.no/leietakerclick on the menu button “Ansatte” on Leietakernettet and add your team members.

Your desk: The Community Manager will assist you, to make sure you get all the practical stuff like desks, chairs and extension cords in order. And, as mentioned in the contract, if you want to increase or decrease the number of your desks, please inform the Community Manager by e-mail as soon as you know, preferably one month ahead of time.

Wi-Fi: Your company will have a secure log-in for your company’s internet access. The Community Manager will reach out to you with the Log-inn details. If you need cable access, contact the Community Manager for support.

Be seen and make contact

Information about you: We want your logo up on our wall of logos and to showcase you on our website. Please send your logo in a Png/Jpeg format, along with a short description, no longer than 190 symbols and your website link as soon as possible. In addition to this, we want to follow you on social media, so please send us a link to all your company ́s channels.

Internal communication channel:

We use our internal Facebook group, Facebook intern, to send out information to everyone in the incubator. It is important that everyone in your team joins this group right away. This includes news about the companies, about the incubator itself, practical matters and also information about events. The group can also be used for internal discussions, and everyone is welcome to contribute with posts. Perhaps another member has the answer to your questions. Sharing is caring!

Aleap in social media: We use our public channels actively to spread news to our followers and to promote our incubator, our events and happenings. Please “Like” our pages and tell your friends and family about them, too! And if you have something worth sharing, please send it to the Community Manager in the Aleap team.

Bring your own pålegg: We try to eat lunch together every Tuesday from around noon. We order freshly baked bread, you bring your favorite pålegg, lunch from home or the cafeteria.

Printer: You will have access to the printer once logged on to your custom WiFi network (FP_Leietaker). Please install the driver by following the manual or ask the Community Manager for support. Are you looking to scan/copy, ask the Community Manager to give you access.

Are you expecting visitors? Please have all guests let reception know they are here. You will then receive a text message.

Take advantage of an enjoyable, accessible and practical work space

Food and drink

Coffee: We have a Nespresso machine and free milk. Please order your coffee capsules from Anette.Sparby@nespresso.com.

Cafeteria: There are two cafeterias in The Science Park. You are more than welcome to consume your own food here too. The cafeteria accepts cash and most major credit cards. You can set up an agreement with ISS to be invoiced monthly. Please ask the Community Manager for the contact details.

Parken Bakeri: The bakery is open during office hours. Please keep an eye out for quiz, afterwork beers etc. Parken Bakeri can invoice you monthly, please e-mail Jenny post@parkenbakeri.no

Directions and access

Directions to Oslo Science Park: Forskningsparken is the closest public transport stop. You can take the Metro (4/5) or tram (17/18). Parking: You can access the car-park from Gaustadalléen. Please note it is the second entrance. A monthly subscription starts at kr. 2375,- E-mail parkering@forskningsparken.no  to set this up.

Do you bike? Please use the area in front of the main entrance or in the garage to park your bike. Wardrobe: There are shower and wardrobe facilities in the basement.

Other practicalities

Mail: We collect the mail once per day and will leave it on your desk. Outgoing mail gets picked up from reception daily at 14.00.

Deliveries: Reception are unable to sign for deliveries if you do not have a pre-arranged deal signed. Please contact resepsjon@forskningsparken.no to set this up.

Trash and recycling station: There are no trash bins in the incubator. Please bring all your trash and dishes out of the incubator. The cleanliness of the kitchen, fridge and dishwasher are everyone’s responsibility. Please honor this. If you have bigger boxes/items of trash, please use the recycling station in the basement.

Pets: Dogs and other pets are not permitted at Oslo Science park. Guide dogs are very welcome.